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Mission - Our primary aim is to discover and celebrate independent films, and, in so doing, promote excellence and innovation in film storytelling.


Description - We are seeking the crown-jewel—the poetic—in a film, which filmmakers call the moment. The moment in a film may be a look, a kiss, a quirky smile, an emerging plant in the aftermath of a fire, or something in the frame seemingly small but is gigantic in meaning to the story. In short, it is poetic. We, the Organizing Committee and our Award Judges, will make the determination of whether a film short includes a poetic moment or moments.


Eligibility - Independent filmmakers and college students are invited to submit their film shorts.


Rules & Terms

  • Two Divisions: Independent Digital Film Shorts and Student Digital Film Shorts

  • Narratives of any genre and Documentaries about any subject are eligible

  • Entrants may submit up to two film shorts

  • Running Time: 3 – 20 minutes per film short

  • Entries may only be submitted via

  • Selected Films for Exhibition: Must Be in BluRay or regular DVD for screening.

  • Film Copyright Must Be in Entrant’s Name

  • Films Must have been completed no earlier than 2015

  • Films in other languages must have English subtitles

  • World Premiere Status Preferred but not Required


Deadlines & Entry Fees:

  • Early Bird Deadline Dec 6, 2019

        Fees: Independents $25 per entry / Students $15 per entry

  • Regular Deadline Dec 27, 2019

        Fees: Independents $35 per entry / Students $25 per entry

  • Late Deadline Jan 20, 2020

        Fees: Independents $45 per entry / Students $35

  • Extended Deadline Feb. 12, 2020

        Fees: Independents $55 per entry / Students $45 per entry

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